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Welcome to the Oxygen Therapy Centre

The Oxygen Therapy Centre is an active charity focused on providing support and rehabilitation for people in Jersey who are living with various chronic conditions such as MS, Fibromyalgia, ME, Chronic Pain and Fatigue.

We recognise that there are many people on the Island who are not receiving the help and support they need for their conditions.

The team at Oxygen Therapy have extensive experience with a variety of chronic conditions and are here to offer a helping hand. We also provide a variety of specialist services including High Dose Oxygen Therapy, Complementary Therapies, Cyclo-ssage and Meditation. Members of the Oxygen Therapy Centre can benefit from access to these services as well as advice and regular social events.

"Coming to the Oxygen Centre has helped me so much. My breathing and mobility has improved, I can sleep better, have no more sleepless nights or painful sleep and legs"

"The staff are priceless, they are so helpful, kind and caring."

"I have pain issues and Long Covid and I have noticed my energy levels improve, my sleep has been much better and I have not had a Long Covid crash since I started."

"I feel like the brain fog has really lifted and I have so much more energy than I did before"

"It has given me such a sense of achievement with my well being, confidence, mental awareness, improved sleep and to stay positive."

"In a few weeks, I was going from feeling like an unhappy sloth to feeling mojo me slowly returning "

Contact Us

Our Address

Oxygen Therapy Centre

Philip James House

Oak Tree Gardens

Trinity Hill

St Helier


Opening Hours

Monday 9am-6.00pm

Tuesday 9am-4.30pm

Wednesday 9am-6.00pm

Thursday 9am-4.30pm

Friday 9am-6.00pm


General Enquiries:

To Book:

Phone: 01534 737297

Text: 07797 766672

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