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Prohibited Items

For you safety, and the safety of other chamber occupants, there are a number of items that cannot be taken into the chamber. Other items cannot be taken in due to the risk of them becoming damaged during a session. These include:

  • Handbags or car keys

  • Pens

  • Food or sweets

  • Hearing aids

  • Electrical or electronic items

  • Battery or non diving watches

  • Chemical hand and body warmers

  • Microwaveable bean/wheat bags

  • Vacuum thermos flasks, sealed bottles or glass bottles which could break and crack under pressure

  • Pure (100%) nylon or static prone clothing

  • Lighters, matches, cigarettes or any other inflammable material

  • Aerosol sprays or any pressurised containers, such as an inhaler

  • Volatile drugs or substances, e.g. perfume, aftershave

  • Talcum powder or other fine powder (sugar) etc

  • Petroleum based greases or fluids

  • Chemical cleaners or adhesives

  • Alcohol/recreational drugs not to be consumed before or during a session

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Oxygen Sessions:

£15 per session for clients with neurological or long term conditions

Recommended protocol of an initial course of 20 sessions over 4 weeks ideally, thereafter top up sessions once/ twice a week to manage symptoms.


£30 per session for clients with sports injury or attending for general wellbeing

Please note for sports injury twice daily sessions are recommended


£75 to purchase a Barochamber mask

£40 to purchase an Oxygen Concentrator mask

All clients of the Centre have their own individual mask which is fitted to them and only used by them. Masks do not need to be purchased up front, we only ask that they start to be paid for after the first month of sessions is completed. 


£25 annual membership

Runs January to December

Must be paid prior to first session

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